Thursday, December 1, 2011

Claiming an Insurance Coverage in Canada

When people think about life insurance, they often ask “What legal consequences does passing have?” and, “How do the beneficiaries get hold of the insurance coverage sum?” Filling out paperwork is definitely not something you would seek when you just lost a loved one. Therefore, Hence, LSM Insurance do our best to reduce the hassle of the claiming process for you as much as possible.

In order to begin the claims process, one should contact the life insurance company and also one’s life insurance broker or agent. This will start the claim process.

Consider that the life insurance carrier will request a death certificate. One can be obtained from the funeral home. They will also require the beneficiaries to deliver a claimant form which spells out some information about the death of the insured person. These would namely be the time of death, the cause of death, and all the personal information of the claimant or claimants. After signing and filing this document, the life insurance carrier may verify with the client’s doctor some of the information avowed in the initial request. It is important to make clear that should there be many claimants on a particular policy, each one of them will have to fill in his or her own claimant form.

Canadian life insurers are more likely to want to examine the cause of death if the claim took place within the initial two years of the insurance policy. The resolution methods and requirements do differ from company to company, so it is crucial that the claimant verifies this information with an insurance broker or the life insurer.

It is possible that the insured person have multiple insurance policies at the same time, obtained by way of multiple channels. Remember that insurance policies do not actually pay out lest someone files an application. For that reason, make sure that you take care to find out about the possible other life insurance policies. There could be more funds which you are entitled to apply for to which you may be oblivious. Life insurance is regularly presented to those applying for credit cards or lines of credit. Do not forget to contact your or your loved one’s insurance broker to assist you with making a claim if you have any worries about the procedures. Certainly research all potential kinds of life insurance coverage that your loved one may ever have taken on.

Compiled by Lorne Marr, an insurance expert and he is also an authority on Canadian no-medical life insurance. Lorne is familiar with more than a dozen Canadian life insurance companies.

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