Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What Is the Tactic for Getting Life Insurance after You Survived a Stroke?

Even if one survives a stroke, it does not yet disqualify her or him from obtaining a life insurance plan.

Stroke patients suffer either from anomalies in the way blood vessels supply nutrients to the brain tissue, or from dangerous blood leaks within their brain. Strokes can be slow, which are the cases when small volumes of blood leak into the tissue gradually. As the blood accumulates, it presses the brain tissue in the vicinity. In other cases, strokes can also come in the form of a burst vein which will release large quantities of blood into the cerebral tissue. Another type of stroke comes as the result of arterial embolism or thrombosis. In those cases a congested vein is unable to supply the brain with enough blood and renders it dead.

One way or another, the consequence is the loss of certain capacities in the patient. What is more, a stroke patient (whether or not one with milder or severe impact) is reckoned prone to suffering another stroke or to have impending health problems. Luckily, the patient is in many cases going to continue living his or her life without additional serious health problems, they usually cannot do without partial or constant attention and care from their family or professionals.

Does being a stroke patient change one's insurability? Must you worry?

A stroke has a definite impact on one's chances of obtaining life insurance. Traditional life insurance policies may be suitable depending on the scale of the stroke. In such cases, insurers will require details about the applicant's medical history, but particularly the description of the stroke, the age of the insured when the stroke occurred and any permanent cognitive or physical damage resulting from the stroke, such as difficulties with speaking and any medications applied to recover it.

Any of other related disorders that the applicant may have, namely diabetes or cholesterol, can also have an effect on a person's fitness for one policy or another. When a stroke is accompanied by but an average medical record, the patient will be much less likely to qualify for traditional life insurance policies.

Simplified Issue Non-medical Life Insurance products may be another option for stroke victims. Many simplified issue carriers including Canada Protection Plan and Assumption Life are ready to provide immediate insurance coverage to stroke victims provided they have had the stroke earlier than the span stipulated in the plan application form. This is typically somewhere around 24 or 36 months. It is vital to look at simplified issue alternatives prior to applying for traditional insurance because should the insured be declined from traditional insurance first, they may suddenly lose eligibility for simplified issue insurance.

LSM Insurance specializes in locating the best deals for hard-to-insure clients and clients with special conditions or lifestyle.

Monday, January 3, 2011

December round-up

Dear visitors, let me introduce some of the interesting articles, we created during December 2010.

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

LSM Insurance Brokers Are Comparably Better for You than the Others, Did You Know?

LSM guarantees to its clients that our brokers are serving its clients better than other Canadian insurance brokers.

The Globe and Mail exposed the hidden world of bonus and vacation structures which are aimed to push brokers to sell policies of the insurers that virtually employ them. These practices are most likely to take place when a broker is generally dependent on doing business with a single insurance company. In most cases, such incentives mean brokers are not exactly acting in their clients' best interest as they constrain their clients only to insurance plans from those insurance companies that are keen to offer the most attractive bonuses -- not the best plan that suits the client's needs and economic situation. The article lists the following:

Instead of searching the marketplace to locate the best coverage, and the most favourable terms, for the clients sitting across from them, many autonomous brokers and agents steer all their business to a minimal number of insurance companies, say insurance executives in an interview for The Globe. They favour the ones that reimburse them most generously in commissions, bonuses and perks, such as those all-expenses-paid trips.

Unfortunately, this may only too often be true of most brokers operating in Canada, LSM Insurance has throughout its history operated from a higher moral level. Our brokers expect very comparable bonuses from every insurer with whom we work, so there is no motivation to prefer one carrier to another except our clients' best interests. Brokers who only work with a handful of carriers are more biased towards those particular companies. As client-oriented as we are, LSM is contracted with over 15 insurers.

LSM is perpetually in contact with all of those insurers. LSM finds itself very close to those underwriters to ensure we are qualified to pair every customer with the right insurance carrier for their unique situation. This philosophy adds up with LSM's one-of-a-kind specialization in those clients that are hard to insure (i.e. people with lifestyle or health issues which prevent them from qualifying for conventional insurance plans). That, in turn, has enabled LSM Insurance to eliminate the apparent conflict of interest affecting the rest of the insurance industry in Canada.

However, if scepticism still permeates your thoughts, check out our Testimonials Page featuring honest feedback from our clients. This neat assortment of opinions will give you a decent idea of the kind of service we have been providing to our clients over the many years we are in the insurance brokerage business. LSM also gives our clients the opportunity to put their destiny in their own hands using our many handy interactive utilities (such as our Needs Analysis Calculator and Internal Rate-of-Return Calculator), which add more precision to the buying process.