Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Various Insurance Policies Clarified

Today, we will take a peek at several types of insurance products offered to all of us that many are oblivious to. My short list should give you an overview of what is available out there.

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Mortgage Life Insurance

Kicking off with what is a terrible product: Mortgage life insurance. This idea obliges you to pay for coverage that weakens as you go. This means that the more cash you pay in, the more risk remains uncovered. This is such a bad deal that no one should ever agree to, since there are dramatically better means of insuring the household to offset the risk of default.

Bump Up Remuneration using Group Insurance

Employee benefits have the potential to engage HR managers for a long time. There are simply countless combinations of various perks and it is very hard to pick the ones your people will enjoy most. To top it off, the costs of employee benefits have been making it crucial that companies’ choices are as financially efficient as possible.

When you have acquainted yourself with the available combinations, look for perks your employees will prefer. Be open with them and give them several options to select from in a simple survey or take a look at their claims history and search for major examples of behaviour. Record and consult your approach and progress with an expert group specialist to prevent ordinary mistakes and boost the efficacy of the process.

No-medical Life Insurance

Guaranteed issue life insurance is a specific category of life insurance that is available to almost any applicant regardless of her or his medical history. This includes patients with lethal illnesses, patients with AIDS, and patients with unhealthy habits, such as smoking or drug abuse.

Insurance companies will accept almost anyone and they will ask only a few or no medical questions during the application process. Because this practice exposes insurers to much greater risk, the cost will show this and will be considerably more costly than with traditional life insurance plans. Also, the maximum coverage sum will typically be topping at several thousand dollars, whereas traditional agreements may easily reach anywhere up to millions of dollars. In addition no medical and simplified issue life insurance plans will contain exclusions in order to protect the underwriter from “abuse” by people who are extremely close to death. These are all sacrifices that you will have to make if you do not qualify for mainstream life insurance plans but want to be covered to a certain extent.

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