Monday, October 19, 2009

Why Not to Get Life Insurance Policy Directly from a Website

When you see the title of this article, you might think we are fighting against ourselves, as a company specializing in the online marketing of life and health insurance. Every day, thousands of people check our website and many of them contact us inquiring if it's possible to buy an insurance policy directly via our website. After pondering on this problem for a long time, we came to a conclusion that buying life insurance online would mean a disservice to our clients.
The following reasons are supporting our opinion why Internet is not the perfect way to buy a life insurance policy.

1. When you buy a life insurance directly on the Internet, it is just a single product and not a part of an overall financial portfolio. It should always be evaluated carefully and considered for a specific client - why and how much insurance is necessary and what's the best type of insurance. It is very difficult to do this without speaking to a broker over the phone or in person.

2. When you decide to buy your life insurance online, you can get only a limited product offer. Most companies selling life insurance online limit their portfolio to a few carriers and in some cases, just one carrier with just a few of their products.

3. There are often some features of the insurance policy that may not be fully explained to you when you buy the insurance online. When you buy your life insurance online, you may be surprised later about some details - for instance some ten-year term policies are not renewable or convertible, or may have a higher than usual renewable premium, and so on.

4. Many insurance products are just too complex to be sold online. There are too many details in some products (for example Universal Life or Whole Life insurance) that cannot be disclosed when the policy is purchased directly online. In case of BMO's Universal Life insurance policy, there are more than 400 investment possibilities available. There are just too many nuances in the whole plan, which makes it difficult to be offered online.

5. If you wish to get in touch with someone from the insurance company, it would be most likely with a call centre and not a broker.

Just to be understood correctly - of course the Internet is a great source of information when buying life insurance. Some Internet pages can give you a lot of useful information concerning life insurance. For instance tools such as our Instant Quote Calculator or Needs Analysis Calculator may be a great help. But finding information is very different to purchasing.

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